Sunday, July 12, 2009

Stuck on fluorishes

This card is yet another showing my love love love for the Playful Flourishes stamp set. Different from the other ones I made last week, for this one, I used almost the entire set of flourishes and put them on one large block.

"Why?" you ask. Well, this card is one that I am doing for a card workshop. For OCD people like me, making those flourishes fit and flow on the card is a bit stressful. (Ok, that was an exaggeration ... but you know what I mean!)
To save the sanity of those attending the workshop (and, ok - yes, to make the workshop run a bit faster), I tried this -- and it worked splendidly! Don't you agree? Ahh, the beauty of acryllic stamps.

Supplies: All CTMH. Stamps: Playful Flourishes, Star Struck, Today's Date, and Dainty Thoughts. Colors: Crystal Blue, Sweet Leaf, Sunflower, Grey Wool. Extras: Foam tape (the big blue star is popped up).


  1. Your flourishes look great, Maricar! Cute card. I'm going to try the one-block thing, too!

  2. Great job and a great idea. The card looks terrific!

  3. I really like this card and how you've combined the playful flourishes with star struck. The placement of your flourishes looks great.

  4. Maricar,
    Love the card - it's playful! I like the idea of putting the stamps on a large block, should be great for a workshop or when mass producing!

  5. Your card looks great. Really like the colors you used and the stars - makes the card not so 'girly.' lol


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