Monday, August 24, 2009

Attempting (poorly) to juggle

I wish I had something to show you ... but I don't.

Instead of being buried in buttons, ribbon and paper, I am being engulfed by school books and lesson plans. It seems I don't have it "all together" yet, but I am slowly getting there. I hope.

Last week was filled with in service meetings and classroom reorganization. My Cricut came in handy as I created bulletin boards!

Today was the first day back for students, so this week will be incredibly crazy. I'm struggling with juggling - wife, mom, teacher, crafter, cook, maid ... you know the list. I need to determine the "happy balance" and then all will be good again!

So, bear with me -- I will be back.


  1. Hey, kiddo! You're doing OK. We all struggle to juggle. You're doing something different. It takes a while to adjust. Don't be too hard on yourself. EOPT (as in, End of Pep Talk). Just know I'm thinking about you, friend!

  2. You need to remember to take care of Maricar, too. I'll be right here.


  3. Good luck with your first week with kids :)

  4. Oh boy! I sure don't envy you having to manage all that you have to manage. I wish you good luck and much success in achieving the balance you are seeking.

  5. Wow, now I know there are others out there that struggle too!! You will get there, sometimes some moments, weeks, hours are harder then others, I totally admire you for what you are balancing!!


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