Friday, October 3, 2008

Using macro in the morning

After dropping Will off at the bus, I came home to work on something, but my "photographer's eye" (hah!) noticed the beauty of the morning dew. I grabbed my camera (not the Rebel again ... just my little point and shoot) and got these.

Yes, this is the same flower I photographed yesterday. It has a different "look" with the dew on it ... don't you think?

I was intrigued by morning dew, but then noticed on these leaves was a bug as well. For a moment, I thought about running in the house to get my digiRebel, knowing that I would take a better picture with that camera ... but then the bug crawled away. Hmm ... just like my kids -- leaving a photo session before Mom is done.

So, what did my neighbors think of the "wierdo" who just moved in who takes pictures of her grass?

So, no new card creations, no scrapbooking going on here -- if you could see the state of chaos in the craft room, you'd understand. But, it feels good to be feeling mildly creative as a photographer.

Thanks for stopping by today.


  1. I'm really enjoying the photos you have been taking. One of these days I'd love to really LEARN how to take pictures. Mine are a result of a hodgepodge of tips and hints picked up here and there.

    Love the shots of the dew! And who cares what the neighbor thinks? ENJOY yourself! Life's too short.

  2. I'm loving the photos too.
    Amazing how different the flower looks with the dew on it. great shots.

  3. Loving the photos, Maricar. Maybe I can learn vicariously through you :)

  4. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! Wow! Thanks so much for sharing them! I'll bet you are really enjoying your class and "your time!"

  5. Love your photos. You are doing great! I have thought about taking a photography class at the local college, but have not taken the plunge yet. Thanks for the comment on my Christmas Cards on my blog too!


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