Sunday, October 19, 2008

Leading the eye

Last week's topic for my photogrphy class was leading lines. Here are a few I took:

Buses lined up for a sports event at Norfolk Academy, where Will was running a XC race.

Here is the track at Norfolk Academy. Oh, let me tell you about this school. It is way way way upscale. I need to look up what tuition is. The art room had its own kiln. The work out room was better equipped than the Hickory YMCA. Their courtyard had a fountain that would rival some Kansas City fountains. Let's just say I was a little impressed. (Hah.)

A driveway and picnic area of a nearby church. I actually stopped here to get a picture of a fog covered field across the street, but this picture turned out nicely too.

This week's assignment is night photos. I'm glad that it is getting dark here around 7pm now since I'm not much of a night owl anymore. I'll post more pictures soon.


  1. These are some great photos! Good job!

  2. You are right about that school. Someone I used to know went there. My son is going to attend the college, Virginia Wesleyan, next door. Not quite as upscale, but a very pretty campus, like this.


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