Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I'm still alive ... really

Ok, so I am disappointing myself by not posting regularly to this blog.
Yes, I am disappointing myself because even with the three kids in school, I am not finding time to be creative and make something!
Definitely, I am disappointed that I have a bunch of unfinished (ok, not started at all) projects that I have the supplies for - but lack the creative mojo to get started.

It's not that I have been sitting around and doing nothing. If you check out my family blog, you will see that I have been oh-so-busy with other things.

I do have a clean house (the downstairs, anyways) -- wouldn't you guess that the craft room is upstairs! I do have a new car -- which I am loving, BTW. And, I do have kids that are happy to know that Mommy is coming to eat lunch with them at school, weekly. I have teachers who appreciate that I am coming in to do tedious tasks that no teacher should have to waste her time doing (like stapling book orders together, die cutting 28 of one shape, collating homework packets ... the "must dos" that take up teachers' precious time).

I thought September would be my month to return to the crafting world. I was sadly mistaken.

Maybe October?

All I know is that I WILL BE BACK. (I need to be back.)

Thanks for checking on me!


  1. Hey there! You've been flying under the 'radar' lately. I just stopped by to see if you had been up to anything lately and yes! you have...I'm gonna go take a peek around and see what your goodies.

    Oh, BTW...2 things actually. I didn't forget about you...and TAG! you're it! Check out my blog for the deets.

    Hope all is well with you.

  2. Just checking in to say hi.

    Have a great day


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